Rock Ready Offering Music Services

Hi everyone!Jason On Stage Jason here to give you a daily update to what is happening at Rock Ready Productions.  As you might know the company has officially started but we have already been working for over a year. For example, I was asked to provide some mentorship and direction to a group of young musicians who were thinking about starting a band. A few months ago I was assisting one of our bands, The Texas Humdingers to arrange a song written by one of its members and help them in the creative process. In other words how to have a constructive “jam” session. These are but a few of the types of services we provide. I am in charge of ‘Creativity Development’ which focuses on helping artist and musicians in their creative endeavors. Anything from song writing, performing, playing their instruments, etc; I help artists in various areas using my life long experiences, education, and a passion for teaching.

             We will keep all of you posted as things develop. Cheers!



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