Krippled Dogz Music Philosophy ….

  • 529528_351064728342300_1010178669_nSo that everyone understands our philosophy with production: we will use every resource, trick, whatever to achieve our goals in recorded music- (but we will play our own instruments and write our own music). Some people seem to have a pet-peeve about bands who sound different live then they do on recording. I don’t care. Every great band that ever existed did not sound exactly like they recorded. We are not even concerned about some form of subjective standard of deviation; we sound a certain way as a three piece live and we have a different sound on record. We can’t play live forever; we all die at some point. We want to leave behind the best we could do and not what we had to work with given some arbitrary asinine protocol (Like recording ourselves to sound exactly as a three piece? To hell with that!!).

With all that said, let us remember what this effort is all about. We are here to tell the stories from a military vet, family, or friend’s point of view.

Remember our wounded…
Remember our MIA…
Remember our POW’s….
Remember our fallen…

-Krippled Dogz

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