Pre-Purchase Special Edition “Judgment Day”!

Howdy Dogz Fans!Judgment Day 4 Panel Insert

One more song to go! We finish recording “Together Alone” on 28 August.

We will be producing the limited, numbered, and autographed edition CD, pre-release, in November. You can pre-order this CD now at We will release the album in Dec/Jan. After the release, this limited edition will no longer be available!

We have finished the video of our interview done by Shaun Bijiani of Sports Radio 610 in Houston, and will be posting it in September. We are working on the video of the production of “One Dead”. We are planning a music video too, but the details have not been worked out.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with your friends. Our performances are already being booked through next April, so if you have a favorite venue, let them know you want us to perform and for them to get in touch with us.

Krippled Dogz

Krippled Dogz Sell out J-Dubs!

At the performance on Saturday 29 March 2014 the Texas Humdingers opened the show with some 60’s and 70’s rock classics. The Krippled Dogz put on their first performance of songs from the upcoming album “Judgment Day’ and the Texas Humdingers closed with some Texas swing and country dance favorites. J-Dubs sold out of hamburgers! The response was overwhelming. We’ll be doing this again in a few months, so if you missed it, you’ll get another chance! You can hear some of the songs played here!IMG_0351

The Krippled Dogz and Texas Humdingers Team Up!

Katy Rock-N-Dance Night!

Come out to 178198_169931443148227_1922199947_o at 5415 East 5th Street, Katy, Texas at 6:30 PM Sat., 29 March  and enjoy some southern rock and country dance music by the Texas Humdingers  Humdingers Logo

and a special performance of original rock music by the Krippled Dogz

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                      Open to the Public!                            Family fun and entertainment at the best Burger joint in Texas!

Rock Ready Offering Music Services

Hi everyone!Jason On Stage Jason here to give you a daily update to what is happening at Rock Ready Productions.  As you might know the company has officially started but we have already been working for over a year. For example, I was asked to provide some mentorship and direction to a group of young musicians who were thinking about starting a band. A few months ago I was assisting one of our bands, The Texas Humdingers to arrange a song written by one of its members and help them in the creative process. In other words how to have a constructive “jam” session. These are but a few of the types of services we provide. I am in charge of ‘Creativity Development’ which focuses on helping artist and musicians in their creative endeavors. Anything from song writing, performing, playing their instruments, etc; I help artists in various areas using my life long experiences, education, and a passion for teaching.

             We will keep all of you posted as things develop. Cheers!



One Dead Being Recorded!

Black Dogz Logo The drums and guitars have been recorded and are being mixed. We’ll record the vocals and continue work. We will keep y’all posted on our progress! As we said on an earlier post, we will strive to produce the very best music. And we thank all of you for keeping faith with us!

Krippled Dogz




Judgement Day is Coming!

CD CoverI know there are many of you who had been following the album life cycle, which is coming along slowly but surely. Many thanks to all of you who had already pre-purchased the up and coming “Judgment Day” album. We promise that you will not be disappointed. We are taking our time with our producer, Stephen Bogle, to make sure we provide you top quality music.

As a whole, the three of us are more motivated than ever! The feeling that you finally have the right chemistry; that is where we are. Though we had to stop playing live shows for the moment, taking that step back and hitting the woodshed hard, we are developing an amazing three piece performance for our live shows.

Krippled Dogz

Krippled Dogz Music Philosophy ….

  • 529528_351064728342300_1010178669_nSo that everyone understands our philosophy with production: we will use every resource, trick, whatever to achieve our goals in recorded music- (but we will play our own instruments and write our own music). Some people seem to have a pet-peeve about bands who sound different live then they do on recording. I don’t care. Every great band that ever existed did not sound exactly like they recorded. We are not even concerned about some form of subjective standard of deviation; we sound a certain way as a three piece live and we have a different sound on record. We can’t play live forever; we all die at some point. We want to leave behind the best we could do and not what we had to work with given some arbitrary asinine protocol (Like recording ourselves to sound exactly as a three piece? To hell with that!!).

With all that said, let us remember what this effort is all about. We are here to tell the stories from a military vet, family, or friend’s point of view.

Remember our wounded…
Remember our MIA…
Remember our POW’s….
Remember our fallen…

-Krippled Dogz